POLYBOT-7 Stealth Updates

In the first couple days following 7DRL I made a few stealth updates to POLYBOT-7, just some minor bug fixes. In the time since I've been gradually preparing another update, and that's now live for download on the itch.io page. That too, is mostly minor changes, although there are a few important updates that improve gameplay.

I did not, however increase the version number so far, because existing saves are actually compatible between all these versions anyway, and honestly I kinda liked that with the 7DRL I didn't have to document absolutely everything and deal with all the baggage that comes with work on my normal projects xD

But there's been a request to know just what is going into this latest version, so I may as well write it out for you all:

  • NEW: Item information window displays the part's size (slot count) next to its type name, if greater than 1
  • MOD: All propulsion is active by default and cannot be deactivated
  • MOD: Losing an NG+ run sends you back to the previous NG+ mode (assuming you're at least on the third) instead of all the way back to the base game
  • MOD: Screenshots exclude black letterboxing from those taken in fullscreen mode
  • FIX: Support for permanent Booster Modules was not being factored into speed calculations [GJ]
  • FIX: Treads weren't providing their recoil bonus if other propulsion was also active [GJ]
  • FIX: Penetration-related messages being removed from the log were causing the previous message to be duplicated in the on-map version [GJ]
  • FIX: The game over screen header always indicated "Alpha Test Failed" regardless of which NG+ mode was active[GJ]
  • FIX: Technically you could get a 26th slot (unintended), but it was covered by the object info readout at the bottom of the UI so you couldn't actually see it! (or what was located there)
  • FIX: Screenshot files are now prefixed with "polybot7_" instead of "cogmind_"

For those of you starting to work your way through NG+ modes, the more lenient streak behavior makes it somewhat less of a setback if you stumble along the way (although still a fairly painful setback to keep that pressure on!).

Gameplay-wise, there'll be no more need to micromanage propulsion at all since it's always on--just try to make sure you attach what you really want in the first place :). I never intended for micromanagement to be necessary there, but as it turns out it's very difficult to perfectly calculate optimal speeds for all existing propulsion combinations, meaning a few combinations might be slightly slower than intended and some players felt compelled to micromanage that.

Booster Modules also actually do what they're supposed to do now, so that'll help keep you up to speed ;)

Now go blow something up :)


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